Harmonelo Vitality

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Harmonelo Vitality is a chicory based on prebiotic soluble fiber. It contains a unique combination of active enzymes papain, bromelain and proteases. Aloe vera acts as an effective antioxidant contributing to the cleansing of the body. The basis of the syrup is 85% soluble chicory fiber based on fructooligosaccharides, which supports the multiplication of friendly intestinal bacteria.

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Harmonelo Vitality


Start your immunity

 Selected syrup based on soluble chicory fiber based on fructooligosaccharides, which supports the multiplication of friendly intestinal bacteria. A food supplement that contains a sophisticated combination of active ingredients. In particular, enzymes - such as papain, bromelain and proteases - suitably supplemented with aloe vera.

Taking Harmonelo Vitality helps to strengthen the immune system, reduces tension and fatigue. Maintains normal blood sugar and normal skin condition. Due to the absence of animal enzymes, the product is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Key benefits: (small bullet H logos instead of bullets)

  •      Syrup is rapidly absorbed - high bioavailability of active ingredients
  •      Easy to use
  •      Gluten-free, dairy products
  •      Sweetened with soluble fiber
  •      It contributes to strengthening the immune system
  •      It has a low glycemic index

Composition of active substances:

Aloe vera, leaf gel juice (Aloe vera) 6660 mg, proteases (prolyl oligopeptidase from Aspergillus oryzae) 18750 HUT *, proteolytic enzyme papain (from the fruit of the watermelon, Carica papaya) 20 mg, proteolytic enzyme bromelain (from the fruit of pineapple, Pineapple, sp.) 20 mg, Chicory fiber 2200 mg, Steviol glycosides (Stevia) 10 mg.

*) HUT - proteolytic activity, expressed by hemoglobin units as tyrosine (1 HUT unit is an enzyme activity that converts hemoglobin at a concentration of 1.1 mg / ml per minute to tyrosine)


What Harmonelo Vitality contributes to Aloe vera:

  •      Natural defenses - immune system
  •      Tension - fatigue
  •      Antioxidant
  •      Cleaning and detoxification
  •      Normal blood sugar
  •      Normal skin condition
  •      Normal function of intestinal microbiota


Aloe vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller)

 It is one of the succulents known for its ability to retain enough water and nutrients. There are more than 200 aloe species, but only 3 to 4 species contain the active ingredients. Harmonelo Vitality contains one that is considered by many to be the most effective - Aloe Barbadensis (Miller). This Aloe is native to Mexico and no chemical fertilizers are used in its cultivation.

The bearer of the miraculous effects of Aloe vera can be found in the center of her leaves. It is a semi-liquid transparent gel containing a number of active substances which bring the whole spectrum of effects. The most important substances include specific polysaccharides, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, organic acids, amino acids, sterols and others.


Proteases and enzymes

The specific composition of Harmonelo Vitality is a highly effective combination of fungal, lipolytic and proteolytic enzymes, whose effect is much higher than that of the simple pancreatic protease contained in conventional products. Our products thus represent an innovation and overcome the often outdated products available so far.

 Harmonelo Vitality contains a modern and highly effective broad-spectrum protease. It does not contain enzymes of animal origin, so it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

 The active substances papain and bromelain are obtained from fruit.

 In addition, efficacy is enhanced by a solution of fructooligosaccharides (soluble fiber). This fiber contributes to the protection of enzymes in the digestive tract and thus increases their efficiency. Thanks to the use of freeze-drying technology - the enzymes are highly stable.


What is Lyophilization Technology?

Lyophilization technology, also called freeze drying or desiccation. It is a method of drying wet materials. The enzymes used in Harmonelo Vitality are obtained by freeze-drying. This is the most gentle form of drying without denaturing or breaking the structure of the active ingredients. The substances thus dried have retained their effectiveness as if they were fresh.


Soluble fiber

A new generation of prebiotics based on modified, enzymatically liquefied chicory fructooligosaccharides contributes to the natural recovery of intestinal microbiota. It acts in all parts of the intestine, both thin and thick. This fiber cannot be used, digested or absorbed by our bodies. However, it is an important nutrient for beneficial intestinal bacteria in our intestines.

In addition, it promotes the multiplication of bacteria of the bifidogenic type in the intestines. In addition, it increases butyrate production by friendly intestinal bacteria. Butyrate is a very beneficial substance for our body. It also serves as a source of energy for the cells of the intestinal mucosa, thereby helping to restore its integrity.


Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni

Stevia is a wild shrub in the tropical and subtropical regions of South and Central America. The main strength of this shrub is hidden in its leaves and stems that contain stevioside. It is 200–300 times sweeter than sucrose and has a negligible energy content. For centuries stevia has been used in natural medicine and therefore we have chosen Steviol glycosides as a sweetener.


Soluble fiber of chicory root (Cichorium intybus) based on fructooligosaccharides **, Aloe vera (leaf gel juice), protease, papain, bromelain, citric acid (acidity regulator), potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate (preservatives), steviol-glycoside , xanthan gum.



Once a day 2 cl, syrup can be consumed directly, or the recommended dose can be diluted in tea, water or another drink. It is a food supplement that is not suitable for pregnant or nursing women and children under 3 years. It is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Keep out of reach of children.


Table of nutritional values


Values content per 100g
Energy 79kJ / 19,4kcal
Fat 0g
Sugars 1,4g
Proteins 0,45g



 ** Fiber contains residual amount of glucose, fructose and sucrose mixture (max.15%)

Unfortunately, according to current legislation and COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 432/2012 (of 16 May 2012), which has been in force since 14 December 2012, it does not allow us to describe the effects of our supplements on the human body. They may have created the impression of the forbidden health or curative effect of herbs and natural substances, despite being used for hundreds of years and helping many people.

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